SOL In Balance...
Every day is different - the weather, our energy, the demands.  


At SOL every class is fine-tuned to meet you where you are at and balance you.

At SOL classes programming considers the weather and our we begin the class, the intensity ... flow,
pacing and strength requirements, cues to find grounding, find energy, find release,
right up to how the class finishes...meditation, chakra rebalancing, kundalini energizing flows.  


The core of every SOL class focuses on the core of your movement and your strength

bringing simple, beautiful yoga flows and sequences in,

Pilates fundamentals, strength training, plyometrics,

all within a language that includes beautiful postural cues.

Our goal is to help you find balance...
Energy when you need it
Stillness when you're feeling anxious
Surrender and release from stress

SOL has been providing Posture, Pilates & Barre training to the community of Markham and surround area (Unionville, Cornell, Stouffville) since 2005.

Our new Reformer studio at 2921 Bur Oak at the corner of Bur Oak and Cornell Park focuses on SOL Trio Reformer classes.  

How Do I Get Started?

Get started! Book a free consult ( .... then learn about the Reformer and your posture with 2, 45 minute posture & programming sessions.  

Join SOL - Membership Packages

1 Class/Week ($100+hst per month) Includes a 15 Minute Postural Consult

2 Classes/Week ($150+hst per month) Includes a 15 Minute Postural Consult

3 Classes/Week ($200+hst per month) Includes at 30 Minute Posture or Nutrition Consult

Plan Your Program! Join SOL TRACKS Trios (Getting Familiar with the Reformer) to learn Foundations, Fundamentals and Strategies for most effective toning. 
Sign up for SOL BALANCE classes as your first or second class each week.  SOL Balance is SOL's signature class that is a perfect blend of Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training & Barre.

Why Personal Training?

PERSONAL TRAINING makes use of Pilates fundamentals and Stott Pilates training principles.  
​Personal training sessions incorporate ​Pilates Mat, Yoga, Stott Reformer, Stability Chair and other props as need
​for sports-specific training, injury and rehab programming, and postural effectiveness.

It's easy to feel great once you are balanced.

PERSONAL TRAINING offers elite athletes training around their alignment and muscle balance for their sport.  For clients with injuries and chronic conditions, private training complements their other therapies.

REFORMER TRAINING (Trios) classes offer individualized programming based on Pilates Fundamental Exercises using  the Pilates Reformer as well as other props.  
​Small group classes of 3 clients. 

GROUP CLASSES engage THE SOL METHOD for balance.  Barre, Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Prenatal are group classes of between 8-12 clients.  Instructed with cues to engage, stabilize and connect.  All classes set to awesome music!