1/ Honour where you are at...

Our energy is different and affected by weather, seasons and time of day.  
SOL programs each class with this in mind to ensure that your workout meets you where you are at.  

Strength and challenge when you are most able to rise up.

 Flow and breath when it is time to relax and calm.  

Lean, lengthen and tone when we are ready to reach high.

How do we do this?  Moderating intensity, pacing, weights, breath and cues for energy, release and calm.
Honour where you are at


2/ Develop awareness...

Learning more about how we approach an exercise or movement allows our muscles  to do their job.
​Awareness of muscles activated allows us to create strong, lean muscles and reduce tension.  
Muscles that are moving in balance and coordination develop length and strength.
 Integrating the core into our every move allows us to tone the core with every move.

Become aware of how you feel

3/ Find your most beautiful posture...

Finding your way back to your most beautiful and natural posture allows  the muscles to tone quickly.
Good posture reduces the strain on our body's structure as well as on our energy and health.  
Good posture improves breathing and ultimately weight loss, stress levels and energy.  

Live in your most beautiful posture

SOL has been providing Posture, Pilates & Barre training to the community of Markham and surround area (Unionville, Cornell, Stouffville) since 2005.

Our new Reformer studio at 2921 Bur Oak at the corner of Bur Oak and Cornell Park focuses on SOL Balance & Reformer Circuit classes as well as Personal/Private Training.

How Do I Get Started?

Get started! Book a free consult (
then get your own personal fitness & posture program on the Reformer
 with 2, 45 minute posture & programming sessions. ($100+hst)

What else?

Join SOL BALANCE Classes

that blend Pilates, Barre, Yoga & Strength Training

for a complete workout with awesome results!

8 Classes for $135+hst

that incorporate  Reformer, Stability Chair, Barre Sequences,
with Pilates-Inspired Strength Training & Weights.
6 Classes for $135+hst

Why Personal Training?

PERSONAL TRAINING makes use of Pilates fundamentals and Stott Pilates training principles.  
​Personal training sessions incorporate ​Pilates Mat, Yoga, Stott Reformer, Stability Chair and other props as need
​for sports-specific training, injury and rehab programming, and postural effectiveness.

It's easy to feel great once you are balanced.

PERSONAL TRAINING and THERAPEUTIC PILATES offers training around their alignment and muscle balance and focus on rebuilding strength for clients with injuries and chronic conditions.

REFORMER CIRCUIT EQUIPMENT TRAINING classes offer programming focused on
​Posture and muscle balance.  
​Small group classes of 3-6 clients. 

GROUP CLASSES focus on balance with a fusion class of Barre, Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Strength Training.  
​Class size is between 6-8 clients.