​SOL Engage Solutions is the creator of SOLO FIT™ and SOLO HR™ - programs that individualize and customize wellness and engagement frameworks for its clients. SOL Engage Solutions aims to help individual clients and and corporate clients to target engagement/wellness initiatives that resonate and have high success.  

SOLO FIT™ is a Wellness Program based on Personality, Emotional, and Physical Indices. With SOLOFIT™, SOL Engage Solutions assesses how your organization's current Corporate Wellness Initiatives fits with the employee population, and develops and enhances your Corporate Wellness Strategy and outlines an appropriate Wellness Framework for individuals, teams and groups.  

SOLO HR™ assesses Environmental Pillars of Support as it relates to individual employees, teams and groups and assesses gaps within the workplace environment that may be limiting employee engagement. A plan is developed that includes team building, mentoring programs and awareness and strategies to keep the Environmental Pillars of Support in balance through the use of ongoing assessments to monitor and adapt to changing needs and new employees and teams.

SOL ENGAGE SOLUTIONS aims to bring employee engagement/corporate wellness programs and frameworks to client companies to improve the efficacy of employee engagement and current wellness initiatives.